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"Secure exchange of production data in chipping"

Article in the "maschinenbau"

In the machining industry, the availability of production data is crucial for the optimization of machines, components and sensors. The lack of precise information about the behavior of products during their use is a key challenge when it comes to identifying and exploiting untapped potential. This is precisely where the Dione-X research project comes in, focusing on two key factors: the secure and sovereign exchange of data along the entire value chain and the development of innovative, data-driven business models.

The authors of this article are Anja Limmer, B. Sc., and Manuel Götz, M. Sc., both research associates at the Institute for Data-Optimized Manufacturing (IDF) at Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Frank Schirmeier, the IDF is dedicated to the data-based optimization of manufacturing processes.

Authors | Contact:

  • Anja Limmer, B. Sc., Research assistant
  • Manuel Götz, M. Sc., Research assistant
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Schirmeier, Head of the IDF - Institute for Data-Optimized Manufacturing

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